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Marquee Hire Sydney

Are you planning an event in Sydney’s southwest region or beyond, and in need of a reliable and friendly marquee hire service? Look no further than Marquee Hire Sydney, the premier event rental company serving Campbelltown, Camden, Liverpool, inner west, greater Sydney and beyond. Our Father and son team is dedicated to providing top-notch marquee solutions for a wide range of events, from small to large backyard parties, weddings and corporate events to festivals and outdoor gatherings of any kind.
At Marquee Hire Sydney, we understand the importance of finding the perfect marquee for your event. Whether you require a small pop-up marquee for an intimate gathering or larger marquee setup for corporate functions, we have you covered. Our extensive range of commercial grade, pop up marquee options ensures that we can cater to events of all sizes and styles.
In addition to our extensive range of marquees, we also offer standard white plastic chairs and trestle tables for hire, ensuring that we can provide everything you need to complete your event setup.
Marquee Hire Sydney is your go-to marquee hire company for the suburbs of Sydney and beyond. Call or text us today on 1800 749 268 to discuss your upcoming event.

3m x 3m Fits 15 people (standing) or 10 people (seated)

4m x 4m Fits 20 people (standing) or 15 people (seated)

6m x 3m Fits 26 people (standing) or 18 people (seated)

8m x 4m Fits 45 people (standing) or 30 people (seated)

Connecting Marquees

Single marquee sizes can be connected together to make bigger marquees, see pics.

2 x 6m x 3m marquees connected side by side make a 6m x 6m marquee.

2 x 8m x 4m marquees connected side by side make a 8m x 8m marquee, so on and so on.

Party Event Hire

Need Tables and Chairs?

If you require additional party equipment like tables and chairs, please let us know!

Marquees can be installed on either grass by using pegs, or concrete with weights on each leg.

1800mm (6ft) tables, seats 6 people
Standard white chairs 100kg capacity
Higher quality white chair 150kg capacity
Large White Marquee
Swimming Pool Event

Our marquees are made with reinforced aluminium, manufactured in 40mm and 50mm frames for Australian conditions.

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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions About Marquee Hire Sydney

How much does it cost for Marquee hire?

To find out how much it will cost, it is best to give us a call or email in with details of your how many people will be attending your event and any other extras needed.

Can we hire tables and chairs?

Yes, when organizing the size and requirements of the Marquee for your event we can discuss any other extras that are needed, if it is a sit down event, we can provide tables and chairs.

How long does the setup take?

Depending on the size of the Marquee, our staff can get everything installed within a few hours. We will always get your Marquee setup before the start of your event.

Do you setup Marquees in backyards?

Definitely, if you give us the size of your backyard we can pick the best marquee to setup. We will come and install the Marquee making sure to give your event the best look within the yard of your premises.

Is it best to call or email in about a quote?

Calling will always get your the information straight away, we can book you in immediately to save you the hassle of waiting. Our contact form/email is available as a backup if you are too busy or just wanted an enquiry of price.

Want to get your next event under a marquee? Give us a call or fill out the contact form, one of our staff members will get back to you!